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    Product Overview
    M Radar-100 Microwave RTP System  
    M Radar-100 is a microwave based rapid thermal processing (RTP) system for R&D of semiconductors and devices. The product is capable of generating variable frequency, high-power, short-duration, spatially uniform, and material-specific energy pulses. A PC based digital control system assures temperature stability and accuracy.


    The novel features of M Radar-100 Microwave RTP:  
    Ultra-high heating temperature (>2000C)
    Extraordinarily high ramping rate (>1000C/second)
    Selective heating of heterostructure
    PC based process control system for assuring temperature accuracy

    Compound semiconductor annealing (SiC, GaN and ZnO)
    Contact annealing and alloying
    Rapid sintering of advanced ceramics
    Rapid synthesis of nanomaterials
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