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    Applications: Rapid Thermal Processing (RTP)


    Microwave RTP of Semiconductors

    In semiconductor industry, the term rapid thermal processing (RTP) refers to as a process of rapidly heating wafers to high temperature, holding for a short period, and rapidly cooling. This thermal process is critical to achieve the desired electrical parameters.

    The ‘hotter and faster’ trend in semiconductor RTP requires RTP equipment to be capable of reaching very high temperature with very fast ramping rate. For instance, annealing of SiC wide bandgap semiconductor requires very high temperature (e.g. 2000C) and short annealing period. Annealing of nano-scale Si devices requires significant short thermal cycle (e.g. milliseconds). The existing RTP technologies can not meet these challenges. The distinct advantages of ultra-high temperature and ultra-fast heating rate make LTT’s microwave RTP technology a best fit for the future RTP applications.

    The “Hotter & Faster” Trend in Semiconductor RTP