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    Technology Overview
    Innovative Solid State, Cavity-less Microwave Technology Enabling
    High-Power, Short-Duration, Spatially-Uniform, Material-Specific Energy Pulses

    LT Technologies has developed a solid state, cavity-less and variable frequency based microwave technology capable of generating high-power, spatially uniform, and material-specific energy pulses. A PC based control system assures temperature stability and uniformity. The novel features of LTT’s microwave RTP product include:

    • Ultra-high heating temperature (> 2200C)
    • Extraordinarily high ramping rate (>1000C/second)
    • Selective heating of a heterostructure
    • Multi-point-source and automated control of transient performance
    • Scales well as device feature size shrinks and as wafer size increases to allow low sensitivity to cost of tooling

    LTT's technology will fill the critical needs of the future RTP technology and offer significant improvements in performance, quality and cost for SiC and GaN compound semiconductors and Si nano scale (<65nm node) devices. The technology also has great potential in other applications include packaging of microelectronics and synthesis of nano-materials.