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    Applications: Nano-Materials


    Microwave based sublimation-sandwich method for growth of SiC nanowires

    LTT has invented a unique microwave-based sublimation-sandwich method for high yield, controllable growth of SiC nanoswires. It is a simple and effective method to grow SiC nanowires by combineing the advantages of physical vapor transport (PVT) process and catalytic vapor-liquid-solid (VLS) growth mechanism.

    Prototype of microwave based sublimation-sandwich cell



    Novel features of the prototype

    Fast growth rate: 1-2 micrometer/second, at least 10 to 100 time faster than existing methods.
    High process yield and low cost.
    Control of morphology of SiC nanowires including shape, size and location.
    Potential control of polytypes and doping concentration of SiC nanowires.
    Small and compact cell size. Cost saving due to utilizing small amount of source materials and high throughput due to short time of vacuum pumping cycle