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    Applications: Microwave RTP of SiC


    Microwave RTP of SiC

    SiC is an important wide bandgap semiconductor used in high-frequency, high power and high temperature devices. Annealing of ion-implanted P-type SiC requires very high temperatures and short duration. LTT has performed extensive research on microwave RTP of SiC at temperatures of 1800-2100C for 15-30 seconds. Some important results and advantages of microwave RTP of SiC are highlighted below:

    The best ever electrical properties and wafer quality from microwave annealed SiC

    Ultra-low sheet resistance -->low power consumption -->high device performance
    Very high carrier mobility, near the theoretical limits --> high performance.
    Very low surface roughness --> improve device reliability --> high yield
    Perfect lattice damage recovery and defects elimination: --> high yield --> low cost

    Experimental results of electrical properties and lattice perfection